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Welcome to Sait Dedicated to Alaskan Malamute Nanuk

This site is dedicated to Nanuk. His name is like Nanook – very familiar word from Innuit’s language. Innuit People sometimes said that Nanook, the Polar Bear was "a person inside a Bear’s Hide". I proud of this name because it includes a greatness of wild northern animal and infinite tenderness of a loving being.


In its shape there are nobility and courage of uncountable generations, and the northern lights burns like an ice glow in its eyes, and apparently calls it till now as also attracts us.

Nanuk with Andrew

Nanuk has changed all our life. Children have found the new true friend who is always glad to join their games, and thus courageously suffers childish pranks. And we are infinitely grateful to Nuk for his affection and love which he gives but expect nothing in exchange.

Nanuk with Irina
All moovies made with Nanuk
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